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We are a company that likes to create beautiful ecological landscapes

An Eco-Aquascape is a self maintaining body of water that is perfectly in balance with nature.

 This upgraded swimming pool has a waterfall, a filtration Pool and and the main swimming area.


These 3 areas combined produce a self sustaining Eco System and can even contain Fish!

The Video shows a re-purposed swimming pool which has been turned from an eyesore into a beautiful wild swimming pool

We have tried modern technology in the past but realise we can not beat natures way with Water landscaping.

We have now decided to go with our gut feelings and follow nature ,we find this to be our best solution to create a feature that blends its self to nature and also works, simple !.

Adrian and Stewart have worked together for 30 years on both large and small scale projects . So we decided to join our skills  together and form this new our company Blue Skies Eco Aquascapes to help create the larger water landscaping projects and  a bond between Nature and us , you and your children.

Wildlife and conservation plays a major role in the work we do, this hedgehog nest is a wonderful example of our eco-landscaping

With over 30 years experience in Landscaping, pond and waterfall construction, maintenance and repair, we are experts at transforming gardens into beautiful, ecological areas which attract wildlife and create amazing, relaxing places to enjoy..

If you would like your garden transformed

Then call us and we will be happy to visit you and help create your new piece of paradise..

We are based in Hesketh Bank, Tarleton but we operate in Halsall, Burscough, Preston, Southport, Formby and Liverpool.